Dip. Rem. Massage.

Dip. Mind & Body Medicine (Holistic Kinesiolgy)


I set up SMAA in 2011 after working with Chiropractors and Podiatrists for 12 years. While this taught me a great deal I wanted to run a centre that felt like home for our clients and looked more wholly at health.


I’ve now been a bodyworker for 17 years. I pride myself on avoiding formulaic massages by listening to what you want, every time, as well as what I feel and see in your body. Attention to detail is the key. My sessions bring together a wide variety of techniques that I’ve learned and continue to learn, too many to mention.

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In my leisure time, I’ve always been involved in sports, firstly in rugby and then triathlon. Between 1998 and 2006 I competed in five Ironman Triathlons and over fifteen Half Ironman Triathlons. This has taught me a great deal about the body and how to get the most out of it through sensible training, recovery, eating and body maintenance. Especially as I age (we all do dammit!).


Over the years I’ve become more interested mental health and how our minds can impact us physically. To that end, I completed a Diploma in Mind Body Medicine (kinesiology) & continue to educate myself in this area. Don’t worry, no psycho-analysis just yet but watch this space. Stress, anxiety and how we think are a big deal for many of us and I plan to integrate this into my treatments soon for those interested.








Masters Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Bachelor Health. Sc Traditional Chinese Medicine
Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage


Dale Elsdon is a highly trained acupuncturist having achieved both a Bachelors’ degree and a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dale operated a popular clinic on the Central Coast before joining Sydney Massage & Acupuncture in 2009. He uses Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies to treat a wide variety of disorders including acute and chronic injuries, postural disorders, pain syndromes, immune, digestive, respiratory, fertility and neurological conditions.

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Dale is currently involved in teaching and postgraduate acupuncture research at the University of Technology and takes an evidence-based approach to both his clinical and academic roles. Dale believes that problems develop in the body when movement is limited either by stress responses, digestive disorders, posture or movement dysfunction, injury or emotional factors.


He has a treatment philosophy of integrated medicine and believes in working together with other therapists and medical professionals in achieving the best patient outcomes.




Rachael was born in Scotland and has always been passionate about movement and its ability to make her feel good. She was first introduced to Pilates as part of her professional dance training in Edinburgh, it wasn’t until her final year of training, whilst suffering lower back pain, that she discovered the full array of benefits achievable from a regular practice. Introduced by her physiotherapist for rehabilitation she marvelled at how it both lengthened and strengthened her body in the dance studio and eliminated back pain from her life.

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She left Scotland in 2009 to travel through Asia and Australia and settled in Sydney where she completed her Pilates Mat and Studio education with Polestar Pilates. She is fascinated by the human body, the magic of the mind and spirit, and how Pilates addresses each of these entities to create ‘whole body health’. Rachael believes that the Pilates journey is a lifelong practice of movement and discovery; reducing the occurrence of injuries, improving awareness and self-embodiment, and building a long lean strong body, armoured and ready for the sometimes battlefield of life. She takes pride in her ability to communicate on a respectful level with each of her clients and aims to challenge their ideas on what they can achieve from their practice- as well as making each session fun!