Whilst manual body therapies are what we do, we also know that there are other keys to great health.

One of the main elements being movement, or better still, correct and mindful movement. As joint pain and mechanical dysfunction are most often the result of poor posture and incorrect movement patterns, Pilates has been hugely effective for many of our clients over the years, so much so that some no longer need treatment from us! Having a PILATES STUDIO here at the clinic makes so much sense to us- the combination of manual therapies and guidance to good movement is a potent one for good health.

My original Pilates instructor was Rene Alexander, who mentored our studio owner Rachael. She is a passionate & talented teacher who has handpicked a team that caters to all levels of movers. They have been sharing the SMAA space with us for over 18 months now so it’s a thrill to have such high-quality Pilates instruction within our own four walls.
Tim Harman (principle & owner)



About the Studio


‘Room for Movement’ is a boutique Pilates studio offering individual and small group studio sessions on traditional Pilates equipment. Our mission is to provide high-quality instruction, sessions designed for the individual, and a positive environment for improving movement and change for the long term. Your reason for coming might be to fine-tune your strength and conditioning programme, move your new post-baby body, eliminate neck or back pain, specific training for a sport or hobby, to regain strength after an injury, or simply to move your body after a long break from exercise: We believe Pilates has something to offer everybody and we aim to provide clients with the tools they need for longevity in their movement and fitness!

You won’t get lost in the small group sessions that we offer, and every session will take into consideration your long-term goals AND how you feel on the day of your session. We look forward to seeing you in the studio!


FOR ALL INFORMATION LINK TO www.roomformovement.com.au